About the Mummers

What is a Mummer???

“Mummer” comes from the Old French momer, to wear a mask; pantomime. It means a masked or costumed merrymaker, especially at a festival (American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Edition).

The Marysburgh Mummers are a volunteer, amateur theatre group based out of the village of Milford in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Mount Tabor Community Playhouse, overlooking the village, is the official home of The Mummers.

The purpose of the group is to provide opportunities to perform both onstage and behind stage. The participants range in age from three to eighty-three (and beyond). The group is informal in structure. Originally started in the early 1980’s, the Mummers wanted to create a use, and provide maintenance for, a local municipal structure known as Mount Tabor Church, which was in danger of being demolished through neglect. Through peaks and valleys of activity, the Mummers have moved into a stride as a widely recognized organization within The County.

The origins of the Marysburgh Mummers are linked to the preservation of Mt. Tabor Playhouse.

The Marysburgh Mummers are officially recognized as a recreation group under The County of Prince Edward Parks and Recreation.

In 2005, the Marysburgh Mummers celebrated their twentieth anniversary, performing plays, musicals, workshops and a host of other activities.